Mrs Joyce Schroeder -widow of Rt Wor Bro Ted Schroeder- very ill in Hardy View Lodge Grand Forks
December Rt Wor Bro John Janzen DDGM Dist 6 Hospitalized with blockage .

December- WBro Gordon Olsen IPM of Kettle Falls #130 Undergoing further tests.

November 16 ,2016 Very Wor Bro Jim King PDDGM of Kettle Falls #130 is recovering at home

WBro Byron Cooper of Kettle Falls #130 suffered black outs and is residing with friends in Colville . Visitors welcome

November 8 ,2016 Brother Bob Black Home from hospital but in guarded condition .

Bro Jim Bayley of Kettle Falls Falls #130 & NEWSC
suffered a 2ND stroke ;broke his pelvis and is now confined to a wheelchair.