Photos of Interest Continued

100th Anniversary Cake

Wor Bro Casey Van Leur presents the 2012 Bursary certificate to grandson Geori Van Leur

Harmony Lodge Masons march in 2012 Remembrance Day Parade.
Pictured RW Bro Manson (blue beret) ;W Bro Ormiston (behind RW Bro Manson) in tan coat RW Bro Reed (to RWBro Manson's left) ;Sister Reed in front of Air Cadets (Note Air force Sgt is Wor Bro Ormiston's grandson)- Photo courtesy of Sister Kay McCaffrey

Spending time with Swifty makes everone bleed GREEN. Grand Master MW Bro. J .Alan Cross and entourage lend "Rider Green" support to VW Bro Swift in Grand Forks April 2011

Harmony Lodge Pancake Breakfast is served up by Bro. Dennis Smith. Mrs Ursula Flury and daughter Marie Louise with Bro Manfred Flury in background sell tickets for the feast - which consisted of pancakes sausages and coffee /tea.
Craig Lindsay Photo

King Edward 28 & Harmony 37 Installation 2012-13

Installation 2015
L-R Front RWBro C.Van Leur ,RWBro B.Porter,WBro R. Galloway; WBro J. Harrison;VWor Bro B .Swift,WBro D.Bryant;
Middle- WBro R. Spencer; WBro D. Savage;RW Bro s. Danby; RWBro D. Larratt;RW Bro J. Rushke;WBro R. Stringer;WBro T.M. Rennie
Back-RWbro L. Matheson ,Bro A. Shione ;MWBro A.Tomlins WBro W. Ortis ;WBro T. Gooderham ;WBro W. Biden ;RW Bro B.Tarr; Bro S. Mcgibbon; RWBro G. Manson;Bro R. Lafleur;RWBro S .Nelson ;

Presentation of Cheque to Potentate ElKatif Shrine in June .
L-R Noble Herb Postelwaite -Greeter ;Illustrious Sir Buck Buchanan Potentate ; Rt Wor Bro George Manson DDGM ; VWor Bro Jerry Gendreau Deputy of the GM