This Microsoft technology is a tool to link desktop applications to the World Wide Web. The goal is to create interactive Web-to-desktop content. For instance, ActiveX allows users to view Word and Excel documents directly in a browser. Be warned: To develop with ActiveX, you must have previous experience with other programming languages.

ZDNet: ActiveXUser
Learn your way up the ActiveX ladder by studying with ZDNet. The pages include articles on issues from basic programming to security issues, tools you'll need, ActiveX news, tips and tricks, and a site guide.

MSDN Registration To learn the most about ActiveX, you'll have to register with the company (Microsoft) who created it. Once registered, Microsoft Developer Network will provide you with FAQs, patches, and tutorials.

ActiveX Library -
The most comprehensive spot to download ActiveX software and information, including program extras like database connectivity, online applications, tools, and utilities.

The Learning Site
Because this site was developed for Microsoft's browser, you must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher to visit it. But the excellent tutorials, script examples, codebases, control spec sheets, and overall arrangement is worthy of four stars.

Brett's ActiveX
Here's a no-frills example of an ActiveX script for scrolling text and/or a scrolling marquee.