CGI and Perl

The Common Gateway Interface
Soup to nuts, this is everything you need to know about CGI. Beginners, read the introduction. More advanced students should head to the examples and archives pages.

CGI Resource Index
This is the Web's CGI warehouse! All you'd want but maybe not for beginners.

CGI Made Really Easy
It is easy ... Really! A complete introduction to CGI, the language used to write interactive forms, can be found here, along with many sample scripts.

WWW Org. CGI Overview
An introduction to CGI and other resources, from the organization that standardizes the Web.

CGI Programming FAQ
Having trouble with your CGI script? Check here for troubleshooting.

CGI Forms Made Overly Easy
Well, not really OVERLY easy. But this quick look at CGI forms may help familiarize you with the basic concepts inherent in form scripting.
The "central Web site for the Perl community," this site is also a guide to Perl resources, reference, discussions, and more.

Perl Help
An introduction to Perl for the novice, with a useful FAQ.

The Perl Institute
A nonprofit institute dedicated to making Perl useful for everyone. There are Perl FAQs, support, even humor.