Java is a programming language that excites people who work with development for one reason: it is a universal programming language that allows developers to write software once and run it anywhere ... Mac, PC, UNIX you name it. The language is two-fold, one part appliance or applet (that little cup of steaming coffee you've seen on the Web for years) and one part environment. These sites will explain more.

Builder.Com: All About Java
Use this six-part series to begin your journey to Java. Among the goodies lined up for you: product reviews, tools, and a quiz called "Decision Maker" to help you decide if Java is the right choice for your site.

Gamelan: The Official Directory for Java
The are THOUSANDS of Java-related links here. If you are looking for sites that will teach you Java, sites to download Java applets, sites to find applications for Java, you will find them here ... or they may not exist!

Dick Baldwin's Java Programming Tutorials
This site contains three Java programming tutorials: Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Java Programming. All are available for free online reading, but downloading lessons is limited: You may only print one per visit.

IBM Java Developer Website
The IBM Java Developer Website is dedicated to supporting the Java developer. It consists of FREE on-line Java courses, articles, central search engine and frequently asked questions as well as other information to support and promote Java. Come Visit!

Sun: Java Computing
Learn about the Java programming language and its application from the company that created it: Sun.

ZDNet Software Library
Looking for cool Java applets or tools? Browse the ZDNet library for the latest.