Webmonkey: 5-Day JavaScript Tutorial
Clear and thorough, this tutorial will get you writing your own JavaScripts in no time (or at most in five days)! specializes in JavaScript and DHTML . Its "How To" section takes you through complex topics slowly; the Scriptorium houses a great collection of cut-and-paste scripts.

JavaScript Made Easy
The frames-based site categorizes JavaScripts into Mouse Tricks, Pull Down Surfing, Alerts, Buttons/Forms, Scrollers, Random Stuff, and more.

JavaScript Tip of the Week Archive
WebReference's site has 30 coding tips complete with JavaScript source code, examples, and commentary. The site is no longer being updated, but what's available currently is very helpful.

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Come for the featured JavaScripts every month, but don't look for tutorials or explanation for newbies.

JavaScript World
A well-rounded site filled with hundreds of JavaScripts, tutorials, discussion groups, and even a JavaSlave who will answer your emailed questions. JavaScript
The site's strength are its feature articles and its search engine for additional JavaScript resources.

The JavaScript Source
Don't want to learn the code inside and out? Here's an excellent collection of cut-and-paste scripts.

bLink Magazine Workshop
bLink Magazine shows you how JavaScript can be used to create rollovers — images that change as you move your mouse over them.