Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs
A fantastic place to get tutorials, tools, links, and advice. Your best bet for learning how to do it in your own.

GIF Animation on the WWW
With over 80 pages of info, this site's a good second place to the one above. More links than tutorials.

Webmonkey: GIF Animation Refresher
Want to add more movement to your homepage? Use the methods outlined here.

Making Your Own Animated GIF
This site covers basic and advanced tutorials for Mac and PC users.

Get Animated brings you a series of articles and tutorials about the animated GIF. There is a super tutorial that will teach you to animate in seven easy steps, a cautionary piece called "Animation Rules to Live By," and a list of animated GIF-building software to download.

Ulead GIF Animator
Powerful and simple, featuring drag-and-drop functionality, Ulead's GIF animator is often the top-choice of Windows-based Web authors. Download a trial version from the site, or order the commercial version.

Gif Construction Set
Alchemy Mindworks' excellent animated GIF builder is one of the top Windows-based programs. Download the shareware program from their site; there's even a banner-building tutorial you should check out.

Most Mac users who make animated GIFs use this software. Download GifBuilder here!

Get Animated with GIFs
From Adobe columnist, John Wornock, comes an elegant, witty nine-step tutorial.