Clip Art

Media Builder - Image Library
A spectacular site! Backgrounds, borders, icons, clip art, and animated GIFs are neatly categorized alongside tools for making animated GIFs and banners.

Putting Images Up on the Web
Learn how to add pictures to your words.

Webmonkey: GIF vs. JPEG
A simple lesson on the proper use for each of these graphic file formats.

Attention-Getting Images
Tiny animated GIFs that say "New!", "Updated," "Under Construction," "Cool," "Warning," and more.

Perhaps the best site for webmasters who know exactly what they want. Enter "leaf" or "cow" or "apricot" and watch as the search engine delivers hundreds of results in GIF and JPEG format.

Clip Art Connection
Clipart in lots of different categories: holidays, body parts, animals, science, food, the alphabet, people in politics, and more. The site's free email list sends new clip art each day.

Barry's Clip Art Server
Lots of original, hand-drawn comics and illustrations commingle with computer-generated and 3D images to create a unique place to download art.