Images and Imagemaps

Image Editing 101
Often, you need to "tweak" your images before you put them online. This HotWired tutorial is the picture-perfect place to learn how.

Using Graphics and Images on Your Homepage
This tutorial covers simple images as well as imagemaps.

Imagemap Help Page Instruction
An imagemap is basically made of two parts: the image and the map. This is a site dedicated to teaching you how to make an image in the GIF format, then, a map-file based on that image.

This is a client-side image mapping program for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0. One of the coolest things about it is a tool that gives the option to draw the map freehand offering more flexibility than the standard circle, rectangle, and polygon shapes of most programs.

A great Macintosh imagemap editor, ImageMapper features a multi-window interface with separate toolbar, zoom view, color, and URL windows.

This is a simple little program for Windows 95/NT and is great for very quick jobs.

Client-Side Image Maps
Wired has an excellent tutorial on the simplest of imagemaps to create: the client-side map.

Imagemapping Tools
Use this list of shareware to help you build imagemaps for the Mac or Windows OS.