Naming Your Web Site Files

Before you upload the first page of your Web site to your FTP directory, familiarize yourself with the following naming conventions.

  1. The title of your main page should be saved as index.htm (if you use a Windows PC) or index.html (if you use a Mac). This is not the same as the "title" of your site, just the name of the file.
  2. All text files should be uploaded in text format.
  3. Pictures, video, and audio should be uploaded as Binary/Raw Data.
  4. If you are using Fetch, select Preferences from the Customize menu and click on the Upload tab. Make sure there are no Add Suffix boxes checked. If you check these boxes, Fetch will automatically add additional suffixes to your files. Also, if you are prompted, always select Raw Data instead of MacBinary when uploading.
  5. Keep all of your filenames lowercase. (UNIX is case-sensitive.)
  6. Do NOT use any of the following characters in your filenames:

    `   accent mark                         
    {   left brace
    }   right brace
    '   apostrophe                           
    "   quotation mark                      
    [   left bracket 
    /   forward slash                       
    ]   right bracket
    \   back slash              
    |   vertical mark 
    <   less than              
    ;   semicolon 
    >   greater than            
    *   asterisk
    &   ampersand               
    ?   question mark 
    (   left parenthesis                     
    )   right parenthesis

  7. The following characters may be used, but are better avoided:

    ,       comma                               
    @       at mark 
    #       pound sign                          
    :       colon
    !       exclamation mark                
    ^       caret 
    $       dollar sign                             
    %       percent sign

    In some cases, your FTP program will rename your file if you use these characters, but it is better not to depend on this feature.

  8. The following characters may be used, but not as the first letter in your file name:

    +       plus 
    -       hyphen 
    ~       tilde