Publicizing Your Site

Do Business in Traffic
Read this insightful article to make sure everyone knows about your site.

Web Site Garage
Enter key words and descriptions of your Web site, and the Web Garage will automatically generate META tags for you FREE! You can also get help registering your site with over 400 search engines (regional or comprehensive).

Webmonkey: Make Sure Your Site Gets Indexed
A four-part study in getting noticed.

The Art of Business Web Site Promotion
A few hours reading tips and tricks here would be well spent. Learning to optimize the search engines, buy the right software and even how to hire a PR firm are topics covered.

Promote Your Web Site
CNET's seven-part series is one of the most complete, online tutorials on how to promote your Web site on your own. From how to get listed on search engines to promoting your site offline, this series has all the bases covered.

This free service lets you submit your site's URL to 25 top search engines. It also has tips on Web site promotion.

Submit It!
An efficient way to publicize your site; Submit It! sends your URL to a large group of WWW lists at once, but you must submit at least two URLs and pricing begins at $60.

The Sevloid Guide to Web Publicity
Eighteen strategies to promote your site.