Your Web Site in Frames
Learn how to make your site easier to navigate with HTML frames, which let you display two or more Web pages in a single browser window.

Frames Are a Picnic
This terrific column by HotWired staffer Jill Atkinson explains the concept of frames with a tasty summertime metaphor.

Frames: An Introduction
Netscape, the developers of frames, offers a three-part tutorial.

The Art of Frames
A good frames introduction and tutorial (as well as an excellent play on words!).

Fun With Frames Script Frame Navigation
Feeling comfortable with frames? Once you've mastered them in HTML, learn how to change two or more frames with a single link with JavaScript.

Jumping Out of Windows How to Get Rid of Frames
If you aren't a fan of frames and want to "safeguard" your site from being "trapped inside" of one, use this HTML trick to bust out.