Site Planning

Naming Your Files
This quick lesson will help you with basic HTML filenames. Because uppercase, lowercase, and special symbols do matter.

Hotwired's Crash Course in Information Architecture
Information Architecture isn't as scary as it sounds and it's more important than you think. This simple tutorial should be required reading for every builder.

Organizing Your FTP Space
Once you decide to have a multipage site, organizing your FTP directory becomes crucial. Learn to do it with this tutorial.

Publish a (Business) Web Site
From creating your first Web page to indexing the entire site, getting a domain name to finding a host, everything you need for your business site is here. The Top Ten Mistakes of Web Management
Read this article! If you know the pitfalls of poor management before you begin, you are less likely to have to dig yourself out of a management mess half-way through your project.

Organization and Design
Read this simple list of advice before you begin HTMLing.